Monday, October 6, 2008

A weekend at the Cabin

On the ride down...
Me, "Knock it off you two...hey, what are you doing anyways?"
Rhett and Grady, "We're bored and we are playing tug of war with Grady's arm...Duh!!!"

My parents have this awesome cabin that we like to frequent alot but due to circumstances beyond our control our visits have been few and far between. Lucky for us, this conference weekend happened to work out and we were able to head on down.

Grandpa gives good lessons in shooting BB Guns...

Remember the Christmas Story movie..."You'll shoot your eye out!!!"

Making Halloween crafts

So this is how we do it...first you dress up, then you make some crafts, then you go trick or treating to the different "doors" and gather your loot. Fun Huh?

Cutest little ghost I ever did see!!!

Back Row: Rhett, Conner, Taylor and Grady. Front Row: Katelyn, Mason, Sophie (Zulema behind Sophie), Ellie and Jenner.


Lisa said...

How stinkin' fun! Is this at Fish Lake?

Anonymous said...

Amy, Jenner looks so dang cute in her princess costume!!!

Tami said...

Ok, they all look so cute! What a great idea! I'm glad you had such a fun time.

Lara said...

How fun! You guys really get around. It seems like you are always down there.