Friday, October 31, 2008

Who would of ever thought...

My little ones on the Scary Day...Notice how "excited" Taylor looks...she was on my list today. It was like pulling teeth to even get her to hold Jenner and take this picture. What am I to do? She's driving me mad and sometimes I would rather pull out my own fingernails, one by one than deal with her whining....UGHHHHH! And to think Halloween is supposed to be my favorite holiday!...

Who would have ever thought we would need to worry about mosquitoes on was 68 degrees here and they were definitely out...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My husband the dork...A few recent events on the homefront have me pondering whether or not my husband is a dork...all in good fun.

While on the deer hunt, didn't realize you have to refrigerate these:

When he went on his week long excursion in the Uintah mountains he purchased this

and this...thinking he would be so lucky to have sloppy joes on the mountain. When he opened the Manwich he suddenly realized that...
On Monday night we were carving pumpkins for FHE and he was in the garage doing other things...I was mad at him and so I decided to scare him...I snuck up on him and started yelling some crazy talk and I have never seen a man jump as high as he did. He started yelling obscenities at me and accused me of trying to kill him. Of all the blasphomy...I would never try to kill him...I would only try to scare the bajeebies out of him...I almost peed my pants laughing. I usually never "get" him but I sure did that night.
All in all, I think he is a dork but I will love him no matter what anyone says...or does! HeHe

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Perm...

I was unloading some photos from my phone today and this is what I ran accross...

Taylor has this cute saying on her door that reads, "A face without freckles is like a day without Sunshine."
Before the perm

After the perm...whaddya think? I like it, but of course I grew up practically getting a perm a couple of times a year. Taylor is at the point where she doesn't want her hair done in piggy's anymore and wants it down most of the time. What easier way to wear it down than with a little curl to it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin time...

Bet you can't guess what we did for FHE tonight...the FHE before Halloween? We went Christmas Carolling...Just kidding. Of course we carved our pumpkins. I learned something new tonight also...I am mildly allergic to pumpkin guts but don't care cuz it is so fun to scoop them out. We even toasted our pumpkin seeds and they are so yummy.

Grady and Rhett

It is really hard for me to just let go and let my kids get creative when I am so used to always being the creative one for them. Usually I am the one who carves their pumpkins for them because either they don't want to do it or they can't get it right. Last year and this year the kids tried and carved their own pumpkins. Taylor and Rhett finished theirs alone and I helped Grady. By helping him I mean I did the whole thing. They turned out cute and the kids did a really good job. This year we saved our seeds and toasted them. Another new thing for us...when I was little my mom used to toast them and I remember them being soooooo good.

Crunchy, salty, addicting yummy goodness!
Strain you seeds in a colander and get all of the pulp off of them. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and pour some olive oil over them. Salt generously. Roast them in a 250 degree oven for 60-90 minutes, tossing every 20 minutes. Toast until they are browned. Yummy!

I finally got a cute video of Jenner walking but my camera doesn't have sound on it's sort of a silent movie.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

If Only...

I am having a moment in motherhood that I am not too proud of and I had a few thoughts pop into my mind that all started with "If Only..."...bare with me. I'm having a week.

If Only...we didn't have to sell our house.
If Only...Grady's voice was about 3 notches softer.
If baby would sleep through the night. Can you imagine?
If husband would do the dishes today, I just can't bring myself to do it.
If Only...the kids could do their own laundry.
If Only...I had a printer.
If Only...I was able to lose weight. (Don't get me wrong, I have embraced my huge-ness but I would like to think of myself as healthier.)
If Only...Church was 1 hour instead of 3...oops, did I type that?
If Only...Taylor could quit negotiating with me.
If Only...I would have gotten that job I applied for.
If Only...I was more patient.
If Only...Rhett could exude his sensitive and spiritual personality to all around him.
If Only...Jenner could be little forever.
If Only...If Only...If Only...I could just sit back for a moment and realized how lucky I am for the things Heavenly Father has given me. Just me. Sometimes it is so hard for me to just "get" that and to remember my blessings. Maybe by writing them down and seeing them everyday I will remember more often. If day I will be okay with everything!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Scary Jenner...

So I found this way cool website called picnik and you can edit your photos so many different ways. This is the Heat edit and I thought it looked spooky. Super way cool fun!

Breath Right Strips...

Alot of people have asked me if I thought the Breath Right Strips for kids were worth the money...did they really work. Here is my professional professional, I mean my mommy instinct opinion.

Appearance: 10
Durability: 10
Effectiveness: 10

Jenner's nose is still stuffy but because she has been wearing the strips, she is able to work through the stuffiness easier. I did notice a difference the first night we used them. The night before that, she woke up about every hour and couldn't clear her nose. She would get restless and angry but couldn't soothe herself with her pacifier because of the stuffiness. The first night with the strips, she slept normal. I was amazed, and the strip stayed on the entire night and she didn't even try to take it off. I will definitely be buying these again and I recommend them to anyone.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Syracuse Pumpkin Walk...

Tonight we went to the annual Syracuse City Pumpkin Walk and it was so fun. It never ceases to amaze me what some people can do with a power tool and a pumkin. The kids all picked a favorite one and got their picture by it.

Taylor in front of the Hannah Montana pumpkin

Rhett with the BACON pumpkin

Grady with an ordinary pumpkin

Even our little caterpillar, Blake made his appearance

Have you ever seen the comedian Jeff Dunham? Well, if you have you will recognize these next two characters.


and Achmed...When Grady was in Kindergarten his teacher got a little angry and yelled out..."Silence!" Grady quickly replied with, "I keel you!" If you've seen Jeff'll get it!

Wiki Wiki Wiki...Whooo

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Rhett & Grady wanted in on the fun

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Senior Year

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Like Grandpa...

My dad swears by these Breath Right strips and loves them. He has been wearing them for years and says he's quit snoring as bad, and can totally breath better at night. I tried them once cuz I have horrible allergies but I couldn't stand it on my nose for more than an hour. They just introduced the kids ones recently and my poor little Jenner has a nasty cold so I thought, what the heck...Let's see if they work. They are so cute on her little nose and so far she doesn't seem to mind it...we'll see.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rhett's Baptism

I'm a little late on this one...Rhett was baptized on October 11, 2008...and it was such a neat day. I totally remember my baptism day and I hope Rhett will remember his forever too. Chris baptized and confirmed him a member of the LDS Church. The blessing Chris gave to our little guy was so Awesome. He did such a great job and I was so exited for Rhett. Rhett is such a sensitive and spiritual littly guy. He is so special and we are so priveleged to be his parents and to learn things about life from him. Pretty much all of our family was there and we were so grateful for them coming so far to celebrate with us.

Chris and Rhett in their "whites"
Shhh...don't tell Chris but his jumpsuit was HOT! Seriously, when are we going to let the 70's be the 70's and just move on with our lives...
Rhett, Connor, Grady, Zachary, Logan and Benjamin. Just the boy cousins from both sides. What a handsome bunch.
Rhett and Connor...they are truly the best of friends and can't wait to spend time with eachother...if only we lived closer~
Rhett and Benjamin...
Wow...he looks like a missionary all dressed to impress and stuff...
Am I lucky or what...I get to hang out with both of these guys everyday...and, I get to kiss the bigger guy everyday as well...
Our little family...

So the little apple didn't fall too far from the tree...Jenner loves to drink my Diet Coke. These pictures were so funny of her and I remember a similar picture of Taylor when she was about the same age as Jenner, holding a can of Chris' Mt. Dew and not wearing a shirt. It's amazing too how much they look alike...I wish I had a scanner to put that photo in...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our very own Mastercard commercial...

Baby...roughly $17,000 (had to buy a new car for baby #4 to fit)
Baby's PJ's...$6.82
Laundry basket...$8.50 Hours of fun...Priceless!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hunting and Fishing (?)

Grady in the car and ready to go...

Since Chris didn't take any pictures of them hunting, I had to rely on Tyler to make my blog post actually look good. The hunt was not successful like so many other hunts these guys have been on. They didn't "catch" any deer or really see any for that matter. They said they had a good time and Grady did really well. After their early rise on Saturday, they tried some fishing at Big Lake and'll see what Chris caught. Early Sunday was way too early for Tyler and Grady so they stayed behind in the cabin and caught some shut eye.

Chris, Grady, Tyler and Byron

Byron, Grady funny face boy and Chris
Grady and daddy...hunting rabbits. (His highlight of the whole trip.)
Let me introduce you to Hook Face, formerly known as Poppa or Byron. Hey Chris, you sure can fish! Look at that big one you caught. Chris got his line ready and cast but was very suprised when his lure didn't hit the landed in his dad's cheek...Big One!
Pres. Monson would NOT approve of my piercings.

Better but not the Best

Chris just got home with our camera...empty...not one picture of them hunting. Nothing. But, I was able to attempt at some better pictures of my little one walking...

Looking back at daddy...
Too late mom...
Too late again...
Close but falling...
Soooo tired from all of this performing!