Monday, October 6, 2008

Ode to Sophie Grace Belnap...My favorite 22 month old

My favorite little 22 month old Sophie is quite a gal. Here she is making her Halloween door hanger. Proceeds to stick stickers everywhere imaginable and draw on table with magic marker.

This is her in her sexy Halloween costume...She didn't like the dress so why wear it right? Notice the adorable leg warmers.
Costume upgrade...leg warmers gone, princess shoes with stripey socks in!
Eat...Eat...No...No...Basically that's Sophie wanting her coat on while she eats. Makes sense.
All in a days work. Halloween costume on, Halloween costume partially off and modified. Mittens, Just for me...put them on my feet please. I would like to feed myself and I don't want you to help me. Can I have a pickle for breakfast? Run around cabin pinching everyone because they scream when I do...funny. Run around outside cabin with no pants on...hey, I wore a shirt. Jump off bench onto bean bag and squeal with delight. Gets put in Time Out for pinching everyone...I thought they liked it. Definitely rules the roost!!!!

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The Belnaps said...

she's the cutest 22 month old I know too. Where does she get all her spunk from???/