Thursday, October 23, 2008

Syracuse Pumpkin Walk...

Tonight we went to the annual Syracuse City Pumpkin Walk and it was so fun. It never ceases to amaze me what some people can do with a power tool and a pumkin. The kids all picked a favorite one and got their picture by it.

Taylor in front of the Hannah Montana pumpkin

Rhett with the BACON pumpkin

Grady with an ordinary pumpkin

Even our little caterpillar, Blake made his appearance

Have you ever seen the comedian Jeff Dunham? Well, if you have you will recognize these next two characters.


and Achmed...When Grady was in Kindergarten his teacher got a little angry and yelled out..."Silence!" Grady quickly replied with, "I keel you!" If you've seen Jeff'll get it!


Erika said...

That kindergarten story is hilarious! Did his teacher get it? :)

Ricci said...

That is so funny! I just barely saw that on Sunday! Looks fun!

Barton Family said...

No his teacher didn't get it but we all laughed so hard when he told us. Even his uncle Tyler tells people the story. So Funny!