Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hunting and Fishing (?)

Grady in the car and ready to go...

Since Chris didn't take any pictures of them hunting, I had to rely on Tyler to make my blog post actually look good. The hunt was not successful like so many other hunts these guys have been on. They didn't "catch" any deer or really see any for that matter. They said they had a good time and Grady did really well. After their early rise on Saturday, they tried some fishing at Big Lake and'll see what Chris caught. Early Sunday was way too early for Tyler and Grady so they stayed behind in the cabin and caught some shut eye.

Chris, Grady, Tyler and Byron

Byron, Grady funny face boy and Chris
Grady and daddy...hunting rabbits. (His highlight of the whole trip.)
Let me introduce you to Hook Face, formerly known as Poppa or Byron. Hey Chris, you sure can fish! Look at that big one you caught. Chris got his line ready and cast but was very suprised when his lure didn't hit the landed in his dad's cheek...Big One!
Pres. Monson would NOT approve of my piercings.


Lisa said...

What the heck? Seriously, you must tell the story of how the hooks ended up in his face! Aaah! Did Chris really do that?!

emeryfam said...