Thursday, October 30, 2008

My husband the dork...A few recent events on the homefront have me pondering whether or not my husband is a dork...all in good fun.

While on the deer hunt, didn't realize you have to refrigerate these:

When he went on his week long excursion in the Uintah mountains he purchased this

and this...thinking he would be so lucky to have sloppy joes on the mountain. When he opened the Manwich he suddenly realized that...
On Monday night we were carving pumpkins for FHE and he was in the garage doing other things...I was mad at him and so I decided to scare him...I snuck up on him and started yelling some crazy talk and I have never seen a man jump as high as he did. He started yelling obscenities at me and accused me of trying to kill him. Of all the blasphomy...I would never try to kill him...I would only try to scare the bajeebies out of him...I almost peed my pants laughing. I usually never "get" him but I sure did that night.
All in all, I think he is a dork but I will love him no matter what anyone says...or does! HeHe

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Lisa said...

I think it's just a guy thing. Yesterday Rick came home with half of a gourmet hamburger from Mimi's that he'd had for lunch. He thought he was being so sweet saving half of it for me, because he always says Mimi's is too expensive. I thanked him and opened it, noticing that it looked amazing except that the meat was dried and wierd looking. I said, "Did you have this in the fridge at work?" NO. "So how long has it been sitting out on your desk?" Only about 6 hours... And yes, HE ate it later.