Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yummy summer dinner

You know those days when you just can't imagine heating up your house anymore by turning on the oven to cook? I was having one today. I am usually so good about just forgetting about the heat when it comes to dinner because hey, I've got to feed my family right? Well today I decided to do something different and I am sad I haven't done it sooner.

Pasta salad

1 bag corkscrew pasta, cooked and drained
1-2 cucumbers, diced
some tomatoes, either grapes halved or roma diced
1/2 can olives, sliced
cheese cubes
Mix all together and pour Kraft Zesty Itailian dressing over it until all of the pasta has sauce on it. So good, Chris' favorite salad.

Fruit salad

For this I used what I had and what I got from a neighbor.

Strawberries, sliced
Peaches, diced
Green Grapes
Mix all together and enjoy. Such a wierd combination on paper but so good in my tummy.

Rotissere Chicken
Store bought bread

This makes such a delicious meal. I put the chicken in my pasta salad and it was also divine.
Why does this baby only sleep when I don't want her to...Another long day of fighting naps and she passes out right before dinner. UGHHH


Ricci said...

I made that same salad, try it with half Ranch, half Italian....super good!! Don't you just love those simple yummy dinners!

Sarah said...

That fruit salad sounds good.


(p.S. I still can't believe you're selling your house.)

Lara said...

I want to come have dinner at your house...or will you come to our house and cook for a week?