Saturday, August 16, 2008

Approriate punishment?

My darling, adorable, loving children did something out of the ordinary today. Grady received a clock that you are supposed to paint for his birthday in January. We just cleaned the basement and the clock was found during the process. Being the adorable children that they are (sense the sarcasm), they decided to paint the clock today. I told that they had to do it outside and that they needed to put a garbage bag down under the clock to protect the concrete. They followed my instructions to a tee. Did I mention how loving and cute they are? Anyways, when they were done with the clock, they brought it in and washed their hands. All except for Taylor. She was outside still doing something. I went to see what she was doing and I discovered the horror...the devastation...the unthinkable. Paint on the porch...all over the porch. She started crying and scrubbing and crying and explaining..."Mom, the paint was all over our fingers and we didn't have anywhere to wipe it off...Mom...but...Mom...!" Enough said.

We talked about the proper punishment for them, Grady and Taylor, notice Rhett was not involved. We settled on the idea that they needed to go to Ace and purchase some sort of paint removing miracle stuff. Reluctantly they obliged. So far, it's not working and also notice who is doing the work...Taylor ran into the house and said "no pictures and no blogging this." Ha Ha to her. Or Ha Ha to us, depending on how you look at it (Chris doing the scrubbing).


ABCDEFG said...

I would agree with your punishment. I know how you feel though. I let the kids help me paint our patio stairs a few months ago, and despite putting tarp down, they still managed to splatter paint half way across the patio. Good luck getting off the stain!

Jimi said...

Oh aren't kids the best?! It's impossible to have something and expect it to stay nice while you still have children at home. I guess I finally understand why my parents waited until we moved out to redo their house and get a pool. Good luck.