Monday, August 18, 2008


Update on Chris' wrist...He got the long blue cast off on Friday and then got a short red cast put on. He didn't have movement of his elbow before and now he can't use his one evil for another. His elbow has been really sore all weekend but loosening up a bit. The x-ray showed very little calcium developing and we were hoping for more...looks like he might have to have this cast on for more than three weeks, but we are hoping not. We are hoping to go on a Lake Powell trip the weekend he gets it off, that is if he gets it off after three weeks...he is taking 1200 mg of Calcium every day to help with the bonding of his bones...Also, the kids were mad that they didn't get to sign the blue one so they have already signed this red one.

Here is the cutest baby in the whole wide world exhausted after a long day of fighting adorable is she...I think we have a picture just like this of Grady. Priceless!

Jenner is into everything...she is pulling up to stuff and trying to climb stuff...2 weeks of crawling and she is such an expert. She is so smart too...she waves bye-bye, says Da Da, Hi Dad, Uh Oh, Dee Dee Dow (peek-a-boo), dis (this), and she also shakes her finger at me after I have told her "no no no"...little stinker. I laugh so hard when she does this. She is still nursing and she turns up her nose to milk and water. She does like juice however. She dances and shakes her booty. She calls for her dad when she hears his voice or his footsteps. She goes crazy when the kids get home from school...she is so excited to see them. She is still not sleeping through the night but that's mostly my fault. She is the highlight of our lives right now and we love her to pieces.

A very sad day Friday when we received the news that my brother's niece, Alyssa, passed away. She was 2 years old and had been fighting cancer since March. I spoke to my brother's little girl and she explained to me "Alyssa's dying, she just can't fight it's too hard for her." I just cried and cried. I wish I could go and support their family but with gas prices and school...I can't justify it. My thoughts and prayers are with them and I love them so much. I pray that they can feel of my love and know that they have much support. I have a saying above my door that says..."everything happens for a reason, just believe." It's kind of been my motto for the past 17 years and I truly believe in this. I hope their family can heal and continue to love and support eachother. Heavenly Father is with them always. We love you baby girl!


Lara said...

I am so sorry Amy....I hate cancer. It is one of my greatest fears.

Skinner Family said...

I am sorry for Alyssa but what great joy she is sharing in Heaven. Heavenly Father knew she did her part in coming to earth. Last week we had the lesson in Relief Society (Chapter 14) and it is great to know that her parents will be able to raise her in Heaven. Our prayers go out to them and you.

Sarah said...

Cute cute Jenner.


Brooke said...

Love the sleeping Jenner, so cute. I'm glad you got that on camera!
So sad for that little blue eyed angels family, but So happy for the knowledge we have :)