Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know I've already posted this picture but I just couldn't resist when I am blogging about Grady. This is totally him...

Grady has this new friend at school that he is obsessed with...not the stalking scary obsession but an adoring obsession. Grady is our kid who remembers everything and loves to tell you all of the information he has remembered over and over. The term he frequently uses is, "Guess what?" He has such a good memory that after being to Blakes house only 1 time, he was able to give perfect directions on how to get there. Here is some information about Blake. I have been quizzed on this particular information many times and I have aced my test every time...like I said, Grady tells us these things over and over.

He is as tall as Grady and has blonde hair.
He has 5 pets and his grandpa has 5 pigeons (we thought he was telling kids he had 5 penguins for some time), he has 3 guinea pigs, 1 turtle and 1 frog.
He has a blue room.
He wears glasses.
His house has 2 staircases that connect before going upstairs.
His house is way cool.
His turtle can bite.
His frog will get as big as our house.
He calls Grady Doodle.
He has a baby sister just like us.
His mom has a red clock just like me.

What a fun little boy I have...I am so lucky!


Sarah said...

Zachary has a friend named Blake too.


ABCDEFG said...

what a fun kid! We love all of them.