Sunday, August 3, 2008

Connor Knight Belnap

We went to my mom and dad's this weekend for a couple of events. The first being my brother Nate's first child's baptism, Connor!! It was really neat to see my little brother perform his little guys ordinance and then confirm him. We are so proud of Connor for making the decision to be baptized and confirmed. We will be baptizing Rhett in October so it was especially cool for Rhett to see all of this so close to his own baptism. Way to go CONNOR!!!!

Nate and Connor in their whites
Grady, Rhett and Connor
Rhett and Connor
All of my family minus Brian and Lisa and their kids...
The Belnap grandkids with Rylee and Annie Christensen...


Sarah said...

Wow... October???? Really??


Lara said...

Loving all of your photos! Isn't it amazing how our families grow and grow! And to think we all started out in that little town. It was so fun!