Friday, August 8, 2008

And the culprit is....

Evidence that I have a crawling baby...It's only been a week and she is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!! For all of those months that she couldn't crawl, I think she was taking mental notes and collecting images of where she wanted to get to first. Out of all of the kids, she is my most mischevious of all...She is definitely a Red Head!!!


Sarah said...

Oh... But lucky for her, she's so cute that everyone just laughs when she gets into stuff.


P.S. I got my perm, but Kelsey's hair changed the most. she cut it to her chin, and got bangs!!

The Belnaps said...

Look at me leaving a comment. Are you proud of me. Jenner is a doll and it only gets the toilet paper and the toilet!