Thursday, August 14, 2008


One of my favorite things about little kids is the things they say. I have always gotten a kick out of funny little explanations about things and why things work, coming from a kid, especially my kids. They crack me up.

I was explaining to the kids about how they weren't getting enough sleep and about how kids around 8-10 years old should get at least 10 hours of sleep and younger kids should get more. Grady must have been listening really close because when he woke up this morning he promptly told his dad, "I can't eat with you. I have to go back to bed, because I have to get more sleep than Taylor and Rhett." So Funny!

Tonight Chris was telling Grady that he was the cutest, most fun boy in the whole wide world and Rhett asked, "Dad, aren't I the cutest and most fun boy in the whole wide world too?"

Jenner had her 1 year shots today and I was telling the Dr. how she yells for her dad whenever he is home. I asked him if she is able to understand what she is saying and when she is saying it, and he said she is. Amazing! She only yells his name when he comes in the door or if she hears him talking in the other room or something. So cute!

As for Taylor, very rare does a conversation go by with her that she doesn't say the words "like" and "so" and "cool" and my very favorite, "Hasta la Vista." She is into that stage where she re-tells you events of her day over and over and word for word. She talks in that baby talk and is always trying to say hip words and put them in to her phrases. She's a girly girl for sure.


Lara said...

I love to hear all the funny things my kids say too. I wish I had a little girl. Happy B-day to your little one, time goes by too fast doesn't it?

ABCDEFG said...

Kids are hilarious, and I think your are especially adorable!

Brooke said...

Your kids are so cute :) They made me smile. It's great to write some of those funny things down so you won't forget them.