Thursday, July 3, 2008

Talk dirty to me....

It's 11:30 and Chris and I just got back from a rock concert...let me rewind. My adoring, sweet husband contimplated deeply about my Mother's day present. Does he get me flowers, bath salts, a pedicure or what? He get's me POISON tickets...I was so excited!!!! The show was tonight and let me tell you about all of the awesome things I saw...being a people watcher and all...3 mulletts, several kids under the age of 10 (it should be illegal to take kids to a Poison concert)...fishnet stocking with holes ripped in them...a cut up t-shirt, you know the kind...3 pregnant girls drinking beer...lots and lots of bosoms...I also was able to take in the unforgettable stench of stale beer, nachos and a little weed. I think I am getting too old for this kind of stuff and the base kept affecting my vertigo...I mentioned that the next concert I would be going to would be The Jonas Brothers...Chris said why not Motley Crue...I retorted with New Kids on the Block...Hangin tough I am!! All joking aside...We had a BLAST!!! However, I deeply regret forgetting my red bandana, cowboy hat and time I guess!

When we got home to our sweet little children and Chris' great dad...This is what we saw...He said she only cried for a little while...She missed me!!!

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Ricci said...

You Rock!! That is awesome,but don't mock the mullet, I married a man with a mullet. I am so happy that Grady is doing better.