Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Funny Things...

I thought it would be fun to list a few funny things about each one of us...so here we go!

Has more shoes than me
Has more coats than anyone I know
Has more sweaters than anyone I know
Sleeps with the covers over his mouth
Doesn't like desserts

Brushes her teeth with her eyes closed
Hates to wind up the vacuum cord (so I never do)
Procrastinates everything
Exaggerates alot
Is searching endlessly for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe

Sleep walks and talks
Will spend all of her money within a day of getting it
Is a pack rat
Loves jewelry but never wears it
Tosses and turns alot in her sleep (do you think she has sleep issues?)

Eats with his mouth wide open
Always asks first (for anything, snacks, games, going outside)
Always gives away things to his brother
Uses a different bowl for cereal than everyone else
Doesn't like chocolate

Still sleeps with a blankie (ohhhh)
Loves to breakdance
Hates it when I tell other people things about him
Hates it when I post pictures of him
Likes to eat off of the pink plate

Fake laughs
Refuses to say "ma ma"
Already hates vegetables

There you have it and now I tag all of you who read this post to list something funny about each one of your family members...I hope it is legal in the blog world to make up your own tag!

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Carrie and Jon said...

So fun! I love the new post... You are such a great person. You put a smile on my face. Thanks!