Friday, July 18, 2008

Macaroni Salad...

Summertime Macaroni Salad...

I've been meaning to post this recipe for awhile but my summer got away from me real fast. To me the marking of summertime is when we make macaroni salad for the first time. Nobody makes it quite like Aunt Sally, and it is definitely a favorite for Chris and I. I hope you like it as much as we do. It is especially good with some grilled chicken and some potatoe chips. Yum!

Macaroni Salad:

The amount of noodles and vegi's is equal. Make as much as you want or as little as you want. We usually make a whole bag of noodles and then chop as many vegi's as we need.

Small macaroni noodles, boiled and cooled
Vegi's diced small:
4-5 ribs Celery
4-5 Roma tomatoes
1-2 Cucumber, peeled and seeded
8-10 Radishes
2-4 Green onions
Aunt Sally also adds avacado, but I leave it out.

The dressing is just Miracle Whip, easy as that. We like our's a little more on the "wet" side so I dump in the Miracle Whip. Salt and Pepper to taste before serving. Like I said, this is a summer favorite at our house so we have it alot. It keeps well in the fridge too.


Erika said...

I absolutely love macaroni salad...have any leftovers? We got our actual flight plans this week. We leave August 14th. Yikes, now it's starting to seem a little more real!

Brooke said...

MMMMM that looks so good. You always have something good going on in your kitchen!
I will never forget the day you called me over and presented me with the most beautiful, biggest strawberried pie I had ever seen. It was just oozing with berries!!
What a good friend... we miss your family!! come back for a visit soon.

Lara said...

I am excited to try this! Thanks! I love that it is so simple.