Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On a different uplifting note...

Chris goes to scouts every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. This particular Wednesday, the kids get this awesome idea to fill up a bunch of water balloons to bombard their dad when he gets home. Imagine all of us sitting on the porch; water oozing from the hose; Taylor, Rhett and Grady taking turns filling up their balloons and I am tying them off. This goes on for awhile until their "stash" looks good. Then they cover them up with a towel to hide them from their dad.

Here come the story ideas...Taylor explains how they are going to "pop up" out of nowhere and sabatoge Chris when he gets home. Rhett thinks Taylor's idea is spot on but where are they going to "pop up" from. Grady explains that it would be perfect to climb up on the roof and store the balloons up there so that dad can't see them. Then when he gets home, they can bomb him from up there...Perfect! The scheming continues...Rhett and Taylor are going to "distract" Chris when he gets home so that Grady can get him from behind...Brilliant!

This is how it went down. Chris pulls up in the SSBarton, all three of them run towards him and throw balloons, the balloons hit the car and splash. Chris is still in the car, laughing. More balloons, more laughing. Rhett realizes this and so he opens the car door...genious! The bombarding begins and somehow, the kids still ended up being more wet than Chris and he didn't even touch a balloon...They had a ball! And, Chris was a very, very good sport.
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Mike & Alleen said...

Your balloon fight looked like a blast! It's so fun to watch kids think they are pulling something off. I'm sorry about your little one being sick. That is miserable. Hopefully a quick recovery is coming!!!

Lara said...

Gees! I cannot believe your luck with sick kids! Looks like you have fun kids to keep you distracted though!

Michelle D said...

What cute, cute kids you have! Next time invite me over! I'd love to throw some water balloons at Dave when he gets home from scouts!