Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I've been tagged again...this time by my friend Lisa H. T. By the way, she is so funny and I loved reading her tag post. I am supposed to tell six Quirks about me, personally I can think of way more than six right now.
1. I hate the smell of sleep. What's the smell of sleep? You know, that smell in the room when you've been asleep all night and the door has been closed. When I was in college, my roomie Cassie had the worst smell of sleep...UGHHH! I just can't stand it!
2. Another smell thing...I hate the smell of dirt on my kids from the outside. I hate it when they have been playing outside and come in to like hug me or hover around me or something. EWWWW! And YES, I have a sonic sniffer...I can smell everything.
3. I hate mosquitoes...they totally give me the willies and I don't know why!
4. I am afraid to start any projects around the house for fear that I will get bored half way through and not finish them. For instance...a project I just finished took me about 5 years to get up the courage to start it. My good friend insisted we do this project this week while Chris is out of town and she just wouldn't let up...I gave in and I am so proud of my work!!! I will post the pictures of this project later.
5. I have a really hard time putting the kids to bed. I am just so exhausted by the end of the day that I feel like I just can't take it anymore. Chris always puts them to bed and he has way more patience than me...he will lay with them, tuck them in numerous time...give piggy back rides...etc...etc...
6. I don't touch raw's gross. I will go out of my price range to buy chicken already cut up or tenders or matter how broke I am that week!
6+. For some reason I don't like lunchtime. I mean, fixing lunch. I love to cook and to bake but I do not like any of it at lunch. I would rather go out and buy a taco or something. Because of this, my kids either eat at school because they are there or just have a slice of bologna and cheese. I really need to work on this one.
6++. I wish you would comment more often. I love to get comments and I love to read your posts. I really am doing this blog thing mostly for my own personal reasons, but I do love to get comments...kind of like getting really good mail, right Michelle!!!
6+++. What number am I on again?????
There you go and now I tag Shelby, Ricci, Lara, Carrie, Lisa B. and Heather. (notice I tagged those of you who don't post a whole lot.....JK, I love ya!!!)


Lisa said...

I love your quirks-post! You know what? I also hate the smell of a stuffy, sleep-smelly room. And I can't stand that outside smell that's on Rick and the girls every time they come in from outside. I always say they smell like sunshine, but I think it's more like sweat or something. It's so powerful and distinct and I hate it!
Also...I'm terrible at the lunch thing too. It seems like such an effort and I never know what to make and I'd much rather grab McDonalds or something. So if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone! : )

Lara said...

Nice list, I enjoyed it! About the you are right, they are not all first cousins, there are too many and some too old. I invited my uncle's kids (he is only about 4 years older than us) and I also invited my cousin's kids (they are the only grandkids on her side of the family). And since they both live in the area, we invited them as well. In the picture, on the back row, the twin boys are mine and the rest are from my uncle and cousin. On the front row, is another one of my cousins and then my Tyler, Chris's girls, Emma and Ella, my Ethan, Carson's Jaxon and David's Ryan. Carson has another little girl just a couple of months old and David has a little boy just a couple of months old. Neither one of them is in the picture.

Jimi said...

Cassie's sleep smell...that's hilarious! I also cannot stand the smell of "outside", hot sweaty kids. I always feel bad for school teachers, they have to smell that everday! yuck!

ABCDEFG said...

It's fun to read about your quirks. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but you sure are obsessed about smells. I'm going to feel seriously self-confident the next time I'm around you!

Michelle D said...

You table looks SOOO good! Way to go you!

I know what you mean about the comment thing. I had a little break down a couple months ago because I spent all this time writing a fabulous post and then I got 2 comments. I had a hard time with myself because "it's not about the comments"...but maybe it is!!

I think I just compare myself to others too much - and then I let it get me down. So, now, I don't care who comments - I don't write for anyone but me.

And...I really like the smell of sleep - well, at least at the end of a long day (I like to smell my pillow....mmmm)

Angie said...

Ya...random comment here (promise I'm not a troll or anything)...I just came across your blog by typing in mosquitos and Uintah' were up there a couple of weeks ago and they were unusually bad...
Just wanted to say that you've given me inspiration to finally do something with OUR kitchen did an awesome job!