Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taylor gets Mia...

After days of Torture...I mean pure Torture...for Taylor...she finally gets her Mia doll. We had our little family Birthday party on Tuesday but she didn't get to open her American Girl Mia until Thursday and boy was she MOPEY...She was slightly expecting the doll and when she didn't get it on Tuesday she was dissappointed to say the least. You can tell from her expressions that she is VERY HAPPY now...And on Saturday she had another little party and got some darling matching PJ's for her and Mia and also a book and doll brush from cousin Haley. I hope she is all set...those doll's are dang expensive and their clothes cost more than clothes for Taylor...Holy Moly! However, I do think it was worth it...just look at her face...she is glowing! Happy Happy little girl!

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