Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taylor's Birthday...

Today my baby girl turned 10 years old and I can't even begin to comprehend that. She is growing up so fast and it's killin me...seems like yesterday she was just a little one and being her silly self. She used to make us all laugh soooo hard by just being herself...what a fun little girl. She is also very Spunky and has quite the temper...but we love her none-the-less. She definately has "oldest child syndrome" and forgets that are 5 other people in the family sometimes. She is an amazing babysitter for her brothers and sister and is even starting to cook and bake on her own. She made a list about 4 football fields long about all of the things she wanted for her birthday and christmas...so far, I think we have failed her...(she doesn't know about the gifts at my mom's and at Chris' mom's...HeHeHe)...but I am hoping it will be one she will never forget when it is all said and done...

New boots...REALLY? Is that all?

I took her and her friends to Costa Vida for dinner and then to the mall for some browsing. A girl was trying to sell straightening irons to us and offered to do all of their hair...they were in HEAVEN. Below are some pics of that. The girls had fun trying on scarves, glasses, hats, gloves and all sorts of other accessories...needless to say I am exhausted and ready for a good nights rest...Taylor we love you!!!



Taylor D.


The transformation is Amazing...I almost bought 5 of them~hehehe


Tami said...

Wow! I can't believe she's 10 either! I remember when she was a little bee for Halloween, and I loved carrying her around! Her hair looks darling both ways. And holy cow! Haley is tall!!!

pullinforfun said...

Your daughter is so cute! How fun for them to go to the mall.... (by the way I did buy one of those straighteners last year and I use it almost daily and still love it!) Isn't it so crazy how it seems like a pregnancy takes FOREVER but then once they're out time FLIES by. Hold on to the moments and give them that extra hug at the end of the day!