Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas lists...

Rhett and Grady have completed their Christmas wish lists for this year and I thought I would share...
1. a real i-dog
2. dalmation webkinz
3. Journey to the center of the earth, the movie
4. Captain underpants books
Grady: (his spelling)
5 tortoises
12 snakes
100 toys
10 markers
34 magnets (magnits)
I-pod 1.
Hulk, the movie (holc the movie)
cage for 12 snakes
100. a 100 dollars (a 100 dolrs)
These two boys crack me up and I think their lists are soooo funny. They spent about 5 minutes on them and I bet they would be excited if they only got one thing....they are such sweet little boys. As for Taylor, her list will be coming out AFTER her birthday, Nov. 25. She says she wants to wait and see what she gets for her birthday before making her Christmas list. A little different than the boys. Some people call it greedy...she calls it smart!


Brangal Family said...

They are so funny, I think that Grady is trying to catch up with his friend that has all of those pets!! What's with Rhett and the bacon? His favorite pumpkin had bacon on it too! :) Rachel

pullinforfun said...

Amy! Yeah! I am so glad I found you. This is Lori Myler (well I used to be Myler) I was doing a search for you on google and found you from a post you did on someone else's blog. I know I'm a stalker, no not really just trying to find some old friends. It is so funny to read some of your posts, my oldest daughter also dislocated her elbow twice with my help when she was little and the same daughter broke both of her arms, at different times, and the second time was a buckle fracture too. Weird. Well I would love to talk to you. Stop by my blog if you would like and leave me you email address or email me at

Lara said...

Bacon? That is hilarious! If only Christmas could be that simple. Actually it should be. Those are really sweet lists.

Brooke said...

wow, what will you do with 12 snakes? I love it!