Monday, September 1, 2008

Why I married my husband...

My 11 year anniversary is on Friday and I wanted to remind myself why I married my husband...cuz I need a little reminder sometimes.

He makes me laugh so hard I cry
He dances like a nerd
He almost always has a comeback comment
He is the best father to our kids
He keeps me motivated
We never fight
He's patient when I am not
He's kind
He's shy until you really know him, then he's hilarious
He has good values

There are many, many more I'm sure, but I can't get them out of my brain right now. I love him dearly and when we were dating people would ask me, "how do you know he's the one?" I knew because I couldn't imagine life without was beyond my realm of comprehension. He is my love, my life and my everything. Cheesey...I know.


Carrie and Jon said...

I'm glad that you married him too. Jon and I love you guys. Thanks for the number and e-mail. You are so thoughtful!

ABCDEFG said...

Hope you two have a special day!

The Belnaps said...

oh so sweet...have a great anniversary you two love birds. And hopefully we'll see you in Powell.