Monday, September 22, 2008

Rhett's Barton Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Rhett's birthday with Chris' family. Rhett requested hot dogs and Sugar Cookie cake, for recipe click here. He had so much fun with his cousins and loved all of his gifts. We got him scriptures and a few other things. Nammy and Papa got him this awesome game called Blokus Trigon. Last year she got him the original Blokus and the guy at the store told her it might be too hard for him...guess not. He has already mastered the original Blokus and so that's why Nammy got the harder Blokus Trigon. It's supposedly harder and makes you have to strategize more...I hope so because he has his strategy memorized for the original one. Tyler, Sarah and the kids got him Battleship and he loves it. Aunt Jodi got him two more box car children books. Rhett is my one who loves to read, do puzzles and play board games...imagine that!

Blokus Original
Blokus Trigon
Two way fun games for the family. I highly recommend them!

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Brooke said...

Looks like a fun birthday. I love 8 year old birthdays :)