Friday, September 19, 2008

Time Out!!!

Sometimes I think I have 5 kids instead of 4...but one of them is 38 years old and knows better!!!! After an awesome dinner (recipe courtesy of Lisa H. click here and scroll down until you reach the Italian Chicken), Chris and the boys were messing around as usual and Chris knocked a couple of things off of the mantle. I thought it only be appropriate that Chris sit in the naughty chair...for 38 minutes of course. He lasted about 2, just like any other kid...I tell ya!

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Sarah said...

Hey Amy,
I am glad you looked me up. I love the naughty chair. I need to invest in one of those. I talked to your Dad the day after delivery. I actually don't have the epidural. I know I am crazy.
It was good to hear from you. Keep in touch.