Monday, September 22, 2008

Tada...the Lake Powell pictures are here~

We went to Lake Powell the first of September and we had a blast. We were there for 4 days and it only took me 3 of them to become less apprehensive about the water. I am a paranoid mom and water has always made me nervous. After that, I had a great time with the fam. Ashley's parents were nice enough to let us stay on their houseboat and it was amazing. A hotel on water. Brian and Lisa's family came down from Seattle along with Nate and Ashley's family, our family, my mom and dad and Ashley's brother Robbie and sister McCall. Robbie manned the boat and took care of all of the technical stuff and McCall did everything else. Those Christensen kids know how to get a job done...and fast! We are so grateful to Ashley for this awesome was a first for all of us. Thanks Ash...We love You!!!!!
Let me give you a run-down of the family:
Chris and Amy: Taylor, Rhett, Grady and Jenner
Brian and Lisa: Brooklyn, Isaac and Lillie Kate
Nate and Ashley: Connor, Ellie and Sophie
Grandma and Grandpa: My mom and dad
At the beach...


What did Geronimo say when he jumped off the cliff?

Uncle Bobby (Brian), and Lillie Kate with her squacker stopper Chris and Taylor, don't tell his Dr.
The HUGE Jumpoline
Who me? want my picture?
Chris and Rhett just veggin

Taylor, Ellie, Brooklyn, Isaac and Grady

Hey kids...Yeah! Hey kids...Yeah!

Let me see you get way!

Let me see you get down...okay!

D-O-W-N say let me see you get down...Hey!!!

Sophie, Jenner and Lilli Kate
Grady's side stand
Booty shakin
Time for Bed
My hunka' burnin' luv

Look at my muscles!
Ashley and Sophie
Taylor, Grady, Isaac, Brooklyn and Ellie
Best cousins ever

Me, Jenner and Taylor (the camera adds about 20 lbs.)

Grandma, Ellie and Grandpa
Brooklyn, Taylor, Rhett, Connor, Grady and Ellie
Rhett sailing his boat
Uncle Bobby (Brian), Isaac and Grady


Lisa said...

What a blast!!!

Lara said...

Lake Powell...I want to go! There is just no place like it. It is fun to see all your family in those pictures. Remember your really nice trailer that you guys had at the sand dunes? Do your parents still have that? I always want to take my kids to the sand dunes because of all the great memories I have of going there.

ABCDEFG said...

Looks like it was a boat load of fun!

Sarah said...

That sooks like it was so much fun!!!


The Belnaps said...

cute pics..glad you had fun. We'll do it again next year.