Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cub Scouts!

Last night was Rhett's first pack meeting (his birthday is Saturday). The cubmaster has this awesome thing he does for the little guys who are entering into cub scouts for the first time. He has the boys hold a vile of water that he got from their house, close their eyes and think scout thoughts. While they are doing this, he pours in some special glacier water to see if the scout has any spirit...if he does, the water glows...thus, Spirit Water. It's the coolest thing and I love to watch the boys faces when they open their eyes to glowing water. Rhett was really nervous for tonight and was a little shy when they called him up, but I think he really liked it. It's no secret that my camera bites and so therefore I didn't get a shot of the glowing water...sorry! Just imagine glow sticks on the 4th of July...same thing!

Chris' dad, Byron, and Chris and Jenner Teaching Rhett the handshake
Tada...Spirit Water
Rhett's buddies were so excited he was joining their den
First for some rules

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Sarah said...

Sounds like fun!! Can't wait till Saturday!!