Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures of our Fabulous 4th...

Here are some pictures of our night before the 4th...the illegal fireworks show...so fun. I am sad to say that these are the only pictures we got of the weekend...we suck!

Rhett, Connor and Grady

Grandma holding Jenner, Ashley with a very sad Sophie...

Chris, Nate and Brandon waiting for their lighting of their roman candles...BRIAN...Where The Heck are you?????????????

The kiddles enjoying the show...they were the closest to the show...mommy's were nervous!

These are the All-Mighty Protectors for the kids who were not so into the fireworks...Great work Ladies! Hey, where's my baby?

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Candace said...

Hey Amy! What a darling blog & darling family! I'm so sad to see we didn't catch up with you on the 4th; I didn't know you were there... next year maybe! I'm excited to keep up with you more! Congrats on baby five coming... wow, you really are Wonder Woman!!