Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I love Grady...

Reasons why we love Grady...and his big 7 year old self...

He loves snakes
He likes to breakdance
He likes to try almost any food and then tends to like it
He calls chicken noodle soup with vegis..."chicken little soup with fruit"
He sure can snuggle
He usually makes good decisions
He loves to make Jenner laugh
He has the cutest, tiniest little camoflauge underwear
He gets out of his bed 50 times a night...Oh wait, I HATE THAT!
He has the same mannerisms as his dad
When he grows up, he wants to live at the cabin with Papa
His best friend is Rhett and they play so well
He loves the dentist

Just a few reasons why he is so amazing and such an awesome kid...we love him so much and wish him the Bestest Birthday Ever!


Brangal Family said...

Amy, will you tell Grady Happy Birthday for us. I'm sorry there has been so much going on that I totally forgot. Rach

Ryan and Amber said...

Amy Barton - When I say I'm going to Lose My ^%$#@ - that stands for "SHI_" LOL - You're just so darned sweet and innocent OR totally and completely sarcastic!

PS - Happy Birthday Grady!

Brooke said...

My kids are so jealous that he got a snake for Christmas. Thanks Amy, now that is on the top of their list for next year. "I didn't know Santa gave SNAKES for Christmas!!!"
I hope he had a happy day. He sure is getting big!