Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going outside... name is Jenner and I am a fiesty red-headed step child...These are some pictures of me that my mom took the other day...I just wanted to go the my jammies...what's so wrong with that?

Gettine my jacket and hat on...

Trying to do up the zipper myself (I'm smart huh?)
Banging on the garage door cuz I'm still not tall enough to just open it myself...and yes, I'm sure I could if I tried and I was tall enough!

My mom wanted me to say..."Hey Uncle Bobby...remember when you used to run around the house with underwear on your head? Cuz she does!! HaHaHa!!!"
Whatever that means mom...I kinda think I look cute!

Oh, and does anyone want an extra can of vegetable beef soup?


emeryfam said...


pullinforfun said...

She is so stinkin' adorable! and I think I will pass on the vegetable weird beef stew. That's one of those cans you give your kids when their school is having a food drive..... hahaha