Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tea Time and Shoes

Taylor decided we were long overdue for a tea party. The little girls munched on candy and had "tea." Sophie tried to crash the party and was stealing all of the treats, where are your manners, HAHA! Sophie also likes to try on everyone's shoes, she happened to get Rhett's on the right feet and everything. Let me tell you a little bit about Sophie. Ashley asked me to watch her for a little while and these are the events that took place in that little while: Sophie calling out for "Gra Ga" in the front yard; Sophie taking my hand and leading me to the neighbor's house where she last saw her mom; Sophie finding some mud to stomp in and rub onto her legs like lotion; Sophie finding a marker and painting her hands and lips; Sophie finding some sticky tack and chewing it like gum; Sophie bringing Pa Pa and diaper because she was wet...She is such a busy, adorable little girl but I seriously don't know how Ashley does it. She wore me out in that little while (maybe 30 min.).

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