Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh No...Jenner's sick???

Oh my...isn't she the cutest. So at about 3:00 pm she sort of spit up and I was a little worried, and then she did it again about 10 minutes later. I am freaking out thinking that she is getting the Gamboo which would be so sad for her. She seems to do fine the rest of the day. We put her in the tub and when Chris was holding her in her towel, she started to act like there was something coming up. We hurried and put the "bucket" under her mouth and she just started to laugh. After I got her dressed I put the bucket next to her and this is what she did. Where does she get so smart. I just had to snap a picture, it was so funny. The last picture she is starting to realize that her knees and arms just might help her crawl and get somewhere...oh the day she starts crawling should be a very interesting day for sure...I just might cry!

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Tami said...

She sure is a cute little punkin! I wish I looked that good when I was sick! See you soon!