Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My boys...

So my two boys are so stinking funny. They seriously keep me laughing all of the time. We just put everyone to bed, including Chris (he's got a fever bug) and I was in taking Chris' temperature when the boys came in our room. Grady holding his shoulder and Rhett holding his hand to his head. They both explained that they were hurt. Yeah right. I know them better than they think...They are such fakers. I said "you guys just want some motrin," and Rhett busted up laughing...those little stinkers. We sent them back to bed and I told them I would check on them in a few minutes. I went in their room and they were all set up holding their wounds. Rhett said "we don't want motrin." So I asked them what they thought would help their pain and Grady said..."Bread!" I almost fell over laughing! I guess they should have practiced their act a little bit better to fool us...Motrin...Bread!!! So funny!

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