Monday, January 16, 2012

Fact stealer...

So my sis-in-law does this awesome 'Fact' thing on her blog...
and I am shamelessly copying her because it is so great...
so here goes...

Fact:  I joined the gym the end of November and I am just now feeling like I am getting into a routine.  Mind you, I am way outta shape (obviously) but it feels really good to feel my strength and endurance building.  I am hoping to feel way better by summer.

Fact:  My boys are off track for 3 whole weeks and I am so excited that they are home with me and the girls for awhile...excited because they can babysit while I go to the gym :}

Fact:  My husband works sooooo hard and sooooo many hours that I don't even know how he does it.  Then on top of that, he has been doing a few side jobs that take even more hard work and long hours...he is nothing short of amazing!

Fact:  I love Harry Potter.  I am thinking of re-reading the whole series again but I am afraid of getting too bored in the first few...I have this weird aversion to reading books more than once but I am willing to try.  We are watching all of the movies right now and I miss the details from the books...I hate how they just assume that you know all of the dark little secrets/details in the movie...bugs me.

Fact:  I love to brush my teeth.

Fact:  I have been trying to eat healthier lately and it's going good.  But forget about the french fries I just ate.  I was having a craving and had to suppress it!

Fact:  My Addy is growing up waaaay too fast.  And she stills has a binky and sue me!  I don't care what you think and who are you to judge anyways...hahaha  (that's for all the haters who stare at the grocery store when they see my bigger than average 2.5 year old with a binky)

Fact:  Speaking of Addy...she has to get her tonsils out on the 30th and I am way dreading it...she is our 'Beast' of a child and to say that she will be high maintenance is an understatement...Oh help me now!

Fact:  Taylor got good grades on her report card and that makes me one happy Momma!

Fact:  My basement is at a major standstill right now and it's not looking like we will be getting carpet in the spring...bummer...but Chris is still trying to get Taylor's room and the bathroom ready by then so she can move down there and free up her room upstairs...(we will just carpet her room and be sorta white-trashy) hahaha

Fact:  I love pinterest with every ounce of my's so fun and so informative!

Fact:  Time for a shower!

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