Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fact:  I am an emotional person, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  If I am pissed, happy, sick or sad, you will most definitely know it.  Problem is - I used to think this was a bad thing.  I used to think I needed to portray a happy face all of the time and I just couldn't do it.  I used to think something was wrong with me.  Truth is - I am okay with my emotional self.  I am okay that you know exactly how I feel just by looking at me.  It's not something that I can change or turn off and I am okay with that.

Fact:  Taylor missed me while I was out of town for 3 nights.  She missed me cuz she needed her laundry done.  I am glad she missed me.

Fact:  I got my haircut and I LOVE IT!  I was waffling with the idea of growing it out again and Miss Julia convinced me to just keep cutting it.  I have decided to do the round brush thing again even though it takes more time and energy, my hair looks better if I do.  Thanks Julia!

Fact:  I love my sister and my sister-in-laws.  We have a good time together.  They get me.  They don't judge me.  They teach me.  They like me just the way I am...even with the bajillion flaws I have.

Fact:  I think cooking is a lost art.  I think it's sad that people don't learn how to cook anymore.  I try to cook every night for my fam, but it doesn't always happen.  It's okay though, cuz I still mostly cook for them.

Fact:  Speaking of cooking...I love recipes and love to try new things.  If you have any good ones, send them my way!

Fact:  I am on a new med these days and sugar does nothing for me cool is that!!!  I am just hoping that this little side effect will stick and I will be able to nix it for good.  Except for Christensen's JuJu Hearts...those totally get me every time!  Good thing Valentine's is only once a year!

Fact:  Jenner is still in her pj's and it past noon...and I don't even care!

Fact:  I love my kids.  They are so great and so good.  They are so kind to each other and so happy to play with each other (most of the time) and I feel so lucky that they are like they are.  Really, it's true.


Ryan and Amber said...

You know I try all your recipes because they are of the "normal" variety, right? Keep 'em coming, sista. You are my cooking inspiration.

Lisa said...

Okay, I need a medication that will make me not want sugar!! I'm seriously addicted and I'm never going to get rid of this hinder-ender if I can't stop eating it. Plus, being hypoglycemic, I really shouldn't be eating it anyway... ugh. Oh, and btw - my two youngest AND I have been in our jammies til well after noon quite a few days this week if it makes you feel any better... : )