Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Letters...

Dear windows...please just clean yourself.  You are driving me mad and I just bought some expensive cleaner stuff that hooks to my hose and it promised me it would clean but you are still so dirty...ugh!

Dear are amazing at everything you do.  Like with the basement astound me with your talents and abilities to figure stuff out!  The basement is looking so great and I am excited for the finishing product!

Dear kids...again with the picky eating are terrible!  I wish you would just eat what I fix without whining and crying about it every single night!

Dear clutter...WHOOOOOOSH!!!!  (are you gone?)

Dear hospital...Hire me!

Dear are hard and even I don't understand you anymore...Taylor hates you and so do I!

Dear Amanda...thank you for being Taylor's tutor for have saved me!

Dear Grady...quit with the getting out of bed when you should be reading like a zillion times every single night!  You are driving me MAD!  Just read!  okay?

Dear couldn't come soon enough!  I love you and I love your colors and I especially love the beautiful photo shoots you give me!

Dear feet...quit hurting all the time...I need you to cooperate with me and stop making me limp - slash - hobble all the time!

Dear fellow bloggers...thank you for always updating your blogs and keeping me in the loop...I seriously love reading all of you and I have learned things from each and every one of you!!!  So...Thank you!!!


Haley Barton said...

Mmmm... I love algebra... (Well not love, i'm not sure it's possible to love math, but i like it more than other math...and more than biology. yuck.) :)

Ryan and Amber said...

I am so with you - did the WHOOOSH work out yet? If yes, send me a whoosh! :) And I too thank the world of bloggers - ain't it sweet?!