Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been 14 years!
14 YEARS people!
That's a LOOOOONG time!

And I feel obliged to give you a run-down of our 14 years together...
year...1 - Fell madly in love and got married
2 - Bought 1st home and had a baby
3 - Started a business and worked 2 jobs (Amy)
4 - Sold 1st home, moved in with family, bought 2nd home, moved and had another baby (the last two on same day)
5 - Started a new job (Chris)
6 - Had another baby
7 - Started a new job (Chris)
8 - Thought seriously about moving and put house up for sale at the end of the year
9 - Sold 2nd home, moved in with family, built 3rd home and moved
10 - All three older kids are in school and I have yet another baby
11 - Nothing much but still in love (awwwww)
12 - Had ANOTHER baby
13 - Nothing much
14 - 14 years and still going strong!

isn't it super exciting to 'look' into our lives...
We are now in that stage of life where there will be no more babies and hopefully no more moving (at least for a long time.)
Cheers to 14!

And in case 'he' is reading...
I am expecting something HUGE for our 15!!!
Like with DIAMONDS and AIRPLANE rides and BEACHES!


The Belnaps said...

Thats a huge milestone..and more in love than ever right? congrats you two!

Ryan and Amber said...

Holy Cow - 14 Years? CONGRATS! I am not just being snarky but seriously, time flies huh?!

5-against-1 said...

Congrats!!! That is a great accomplishment these days.