Tuesday, June 30, 2009

By small and simple things...

This week we are lucky enough to host our nephew Connor. He and Rhett are the same age and are truly best friends. They never get sick of each other and always pick up right where they left off each time they see each other...mind you they live 200 miles apart. We had always talked about having him stay with us for a few days and we were finally able to put it together! So far we have all giggled so much over his funny humor and his uncanny comments. He is reminding us all that we take for granted some of the cool things that we live by...for example:

1. We passed the Capitol in SLC and he was so excited to see it.
2. We passed Lagoon and he suddenly became giddy.
3. We had to stop for the frontrunner near our house and it was the closest he has ever been to it.
4. A short little trip to the park resulted in several animal sightings...frogs, turtles and a muskrat.
5. A trip to a pet store was also soooo much fun for him. (RF has nothing like that)
6. The jets from HAFB flew over and they were so close to him.

He subtly reminded me that I too often take for granted all of the small things that can really make your day...Thanks Connor!

Also...Connor was reaching for a candy right before dinner and I reacted with my usual..."Uh Uh Uh"...his only reply was "I was only pretending to take it..." His mom really liked that one!


The Belnaps said...

Hope things are going ok...the house feels a little empty without him. Thanks and have fun

Ryan and Amber said...

That's awesome! I used to always stay at my cousins for a week each summer and vice versa. My mom never got so much done as when we were away! :)