Friday, May 8, 2009

Why? and a Pot Roast to DINE for!!!

Why is it that whenever I am asked to do a favor for someone something CRAZY happens...take last night for example...our cute neighbors Dave and Michelle just had their cute little squishy baby girl and asked if I could help them out with their older son Sammy...Sure I could...I can definately do THAT...right??? Well Lo and Behold this morning when Jenner woke up (in my bed) she had this weird crusty reddish orange-ish crap all over her...hmmmmm...I wonder if she threw up and I didn't even know it!!! Nothing in my I head on over to her crib in Taylor's room and I see nothing....until I pull up the blankets and there is SPEWWWWWW all over the place...really? I pull up all of her bedding (including bumper pads) and then I give the call of shame to Dave? My baby threw up and I can't help you this morning....SORRY? I feel sooooo bad!!! Thanks to my other neighbor Hollie for saving the day and taking Sammy this morning....again SORRY!!!

So the moral of this story is...why do these things always seem to happen when I am trying to help someone out...or go visiting teaching...or be visit taught...things like this happen all the time and I tell ya, I have yet to figure it out!


My genious brother in law, Brandon, is a wiz in the kitchen and his recipe for Pot Roast is soooo good...I suggest you try it this Sunday!!!

1. Rub Pot Roast all over with Lowry's seasoning salt
2. Place roast in slow cooker
3. Pour 1 can of either beef broth or chicken broth into cooker
4. Sprinkle 1 packet beefy onion soup into broth and whisk until blended
5. Cover and cook on LOW for about 12-18 hours...put in the night before

To make mashed potatoes taste Oh so Heavenly...add some butter, sour cream, s&p, and my secret ingredient...Parmesan Cheese...gets em' beggin for more!!!

And to make the EASIEST gravy ever...use the drippings from the meat and add some Cream of Chicken soup to it...warm on stove...YUM!!!

I know what I am having for dinner SOON!!!

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Lisa said...

this comes at such an ironic time... I haven't made pot roast forever, but it's my favorite! I got brave and finally made one last week and figured out what I've been doing wrong! For some reason I had it stuck in my head that I had to sear it really good before sticking it in the crock pot. Duh. Doesn't that kind of go against how a crock pot works? Anyway, I made it pretty similar to your recipe here and it turned out fabulous and moist and fall-apart-y! I'm back in the business!
So... the gravy thing. You really ONLY add cream of chicken soup to it?! Do you realize that will cause a major turning point in my life?! I'm so intimidated by having to add corn starch and get it just right, blah, blah, blah... this is amazing information...
yeah, I'm blabbing on and on right now. Time to quit.