Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Freakin Mother's Day!!!

Happy Freakin Mother's Day to day started at about 6:00 AM to the ever so beautiful sounds of Chris puking his guts out (among other things) and this has continued on for the entire day! I know, I're thinking...WOW, what an amazing woman I am to not complain or be upset about my DAY being ruined...well...I am amazing and I will not complain at all...well maybe just a up after someone else's bodily functions have erupted isn't as fun as it sounds...just ask me!

I was however, able to get some cute video of Jenner singing to me...I like to think she was dedicating her entire song to what a wonderful mom I am...cuz I am!

Anyhoo...Happy Freakin Mother's Day to you too!!!


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your day!!! Mother's Day wasn't the swellest today for me either - I feel like it was a test to see how long I could hold out before having a meltdown... (nothing of Rick's doing, I have to say, though - he was super sweet). Seeing Jenner singing and dancing made me so happy - so thank you! I hope you don't get the barfy gumboo! And happy, happy Mother's Day to you from me!

emeryfam said...

food poisoning?

Sarah said...

that video of Jenner is so cute!

Love, Haley