Friday, May 23, 2008

So tonight was Jenner's first night in Taylor's room...It's now about 10:30 pm and guess where she is...You guessed it, in our bed nice and cozy with Chris...The story goes like this: At about 9:00 pm we decided to put Jenner's bassinet in Taylor's room for a trial run. We had Taylor set up her sleeping bag in our room since we didn't think she would get much sleep with a crying baby. We said good night and put her in her bed and left. She cried. She kept crying. After maybe, and I mean maybe 5 minutes, Chris went in to check on her...She had rolled over and had started to climb out of the bassinet. This coming from a baby who hasn't rolled over or attempted to crawl/climb ever!!! What she won't do to get her way, I don't know. The crib will be set up soon and after my trip to Richfield next week, we will start over. Hopefully she can't climb out of the crib. Look at how sad her face was when I put her in her bed...I know, I'm pathetic. I give in to her every cry and every whimper but I can't help it...She's so sweet and she loves her mama so much!

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