Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm obviously not very computer savvy, but I try. The recipe section was supposed to be different but who gives...Anyways...It's wednesday and my kids' last day of school is tomorrow and can I say...SLEEPING IN!!! WOOHOO!!! Not that I get much sleep anyway. I am an insomniac to an extent, I can sleep, just not very easily. Adding salt to the wound, my baby doesn't think sleep is for her. She likes to wake up all night long and use me for her comfort. I know, I know, I should just let her cry it out. Easier said than done. We tried it, and needlessly to say, I didn't do so well. I spent two days telling my husband what we were going to do and how he would have to be strong when she is screaming her head off. Yeah, me comforting him when it was me who lost it. At about 3:30 am, we (I) gave in and just nursed her. She still didn't fall asleep though, it took another hour or so for that to happen. So this has been going on for awhile and I am so exhausted I can't take it anymore. On Friday I plan to have Taylor watch the baby in the morning so I can sleep in!!! I can't wait, but after that what do I do? Any advice would be appreciated and welcomed. I am not doing so well with what I think will work.


Sarah said...

Put her in a soundproof crib.
Then, she can cry it out without you knowing.


Michelle D said...

Hooray! You have a blog! What fun times. Good luck with Jenner, she'll grow out of it. :-D