Friday, May 23, 2008

Ear Piercing...again...never again!

If any of you know poor little Taylor's story of getting her ears pierced when she was 5 and later having such a bad infection that we had to take them out. Well, in November of last year we decided it had been long enough and that she would be okay to get them pierced again. All went well with the piercing and I teased her that she would have to wait until June to change them so we could make sure they were totally healed up. Today is May 23 and she mentioned that there was some "goo" coming out of the back of her ear. I checked it out and it just looked like there was a little sore there. I wiped her ear and some dry skin came off and then puss started pouring out...another boil or abcess or whatever. Poor kid...ouch! We took her to the DR. because of the puss and infection, I was worried, he put her on an antibiotic and gave us some antibiotic cream and declared it a staph infection. So, I don't think we'll try the ear piercing thing again until she's 18...

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