Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Fact:  I'm tired.  Addy got her tonsils out Monday and she is a beast.  She is so sore and it is so sad to watch.  In the night when she swallows and cries it really breaks my heart.  Poor little sad one!

Fact:  I am bored with my blog.  What to post is just not on my list of priorities right now.  I still love it but I am struggling...Give me some suggestions of what to post.  That should be fun!

Fact:  I have tried to quit Diet Coke yet again...big FAIL!  I just love it way too much.  I am a victim to addiction...Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Diet-Coke-A-Holic.  Thank you...Thank you...I feel your love!

Fact:  Why do I think I need to quit anyways?

Fact:  My boys are silly.  They make me laugh every day.  The little girls are especially enamored with them and they are going to be so sad when they go back on track next week. 

Fact:  It's been an unusually warm January and I like it...but I am wondering what that's going to do to the rest of the year.

Fact:  I have a lot going on in my life right now and I am struggling with getting it all done.  Do you do that?  Struggle?  I mean, we all have stress and we are all busy but when I get more things to do than normal it really throws my mojo off...

Fact:  My breath really stinks.  Like REALLY stinks.  ewwwww

Fact:  I love that part of the day when I can take off my bra, put on my sweats and sit on the couch and watch meaningless tv shows.  Totally meaningless and something that doesn't require too much of my attention because let's face it, I am totally done at that point and just need to sit for awhile.

Fact:  Chris hates that part of my day because it's when I can totally tune out everything going on around me...even if that part of my day lasts like only 37 seconds, it's still a favorite for me. 

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Ryan and Amber said...

Fact. A diet coke will cure bad breath and any struggles you are experiencing. Fact I like your blog and I like to read your snarky remarks. ;)