Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Smiles!

So...blogging isn't really working out for me right now...not only does my baby nurse pretty much all of the time but she also likes to be held all of the time! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but I seriously had 3 pictures on my camera that I thought I could blog about.

My sweet Aunt Helen brought dinner over the other night and while she was holding little Addy...she smiled! Really? I have been working on getting that first smile for some time now and she decided to give it to my Aunt...not to mention that Jenner pretty much did the same thing with her first smile...it's wasn't exactly her first one but she didn't give them away to just anyone but for my Aunt Helen she did! It's actually pretty cute and my Aunt thinks it's AWESOME! I was hurrying to get the camera and take a picture and of course, she stops smiling and wouldn't do it while I was picture ready...Really? I tell ya...these babe's are always so smart even from the get go...

I have been pretty bored with Jenner's red hair lately and I finally found a stylist that would put extensions in it for me...it was tough to find someone willing to do it but if you search the internet enough and go 'underground' where the 'real' stylists are available, you can find pretty much anything you want...
Instead of red (so boring) we decided to settle on an average blond color...after all, there aren't too many blonds around and you can never have enough...right?
Gotcha!!! Hahaha...seriously, we have been laughing for weeks at this little hollywood woman...she takes on a different personality when she puts this silly wig on...its almost like she knows how glamour she becomes. The best part is when she first puts it on, she shakes her head around so she can feel her long, luscious locks move around her shoulders...Oh if you could just see her! Her newest trick with the wig is to put it on backwards and try to navigate around the house...so funny! I'm telling you what...she is so full of it and we get the best laughs from watching her...she is so much fun!

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Kristina P. said...

You make me smile! Love the new header picture.