Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things Happened...

  1. Didn't get in to Phlebotomy Training Program (totally bummed)
  2. Shown house 5 times in the last week
  3. Chris forgot Jenner in car at the 7-11
  4. Dr. removed another in-grown toenail for Rhett (OUCH)
  5. Jenner has a cold
  6. Now I have a cold
  7. Taylor and Grady were attacked by a Doberman...called animal control and owners were cited...they were mad and said WE'RE the CRAZY ones?!?
  8. Managed to get the floor mopped tonight...first time in 2009
  9. Cut Grady's hair and he HATES it...wears hood at school all day
  10. Filed taxes weeks ago and still no RETURN!!!
  11. Enjoyed some sweet pork tacos I made all by myself...YUM
  12. Found recipe for Sprinkles Cupcakes and they are not all that...

Well, that's us in a nutshell...Our little life never ceases to amaze me...wouldn't have it any other way!!!


Spencer said...
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Brooke said...

Amy, you amaze me! Even when things aren't going all that well, and life is crazy, you still stay possitive and look for the good things. That's why so many people love you :) I hope things get better soon and you feel better. It is so yucky being sick when you are pregnant!

Brenda said...

Did you ever try phlebotomy at DATC? I know they've got classes too. Good luck with all the other stuff.