Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grasshopper Rice Krispie Treats...

Oh how my camera really bites...hopefully Santa will bring me a new one!

You know those rice krispie treats at all of the wasatch front gas stations, and they cost a small fortune (I think they're like $2.79)...well they are Chris' favorite treat and I think I figured out a copycat recipe...and it will make an entire pan for probably the same amount of money...well almost.
1 bag mini marshmallows
Rice Krispies (the trick is to put in equal amounts of rice krispies as marshmallows)
1/2 cube butter
Peppermint extract
Green food coloring
Chopped grasshopper cookies
Melt butter on stove and add marshmallows. Mix until all melted and add 1 capful peppermint extract and some green food coloring. Add rice krispies and mix well. Add chopped cookies and mix until evenly distributed. Pour out into a 9x13, buttered pan and press down with wet hands. The water will prevent them from sticking to you. Enjoy...I mean it!


Lisa said...

Holy crud, you always make the best stuff! Can I live at your house???!

TIM & MISTY said...

Mmmmm... I'm going to have to make those. There is a girl at work who get's one of those on her way to work every single day (and then complains about the money she's wasting everyday too). :) She'll be so excited if I make these for her. Well at least I'll give her the recipe. I'm a bad friend.

pullinforfun said...

Those sound soo good! I am definitely making some, my husband loves it when I try out new dessert recipes on him. I am not sure if we will be able to go down I wish we were Josh is going through the temple next week (isn't that great?!) but I am hoping I will be able to make it soon, Justin's wife Mistie was diagnosed with cancer (it doesn't look good) and will have to have some super intense chemo so we would like to go and see them.