Monday, November 2, 2009

Flu Shot?

Just a lame post asking where you are getting your flu Dr. office is out of them and isn't getting any of the shot in any time soon...we have to get the shot instead of the mist...please help?


Carrie and Jon said...

We found that the clinic on Main Street in Layton had them. I think it's called like immergent care. They are just south of Ed Kenley Ford on the east side of the street. There is a Subway in the little complex that they are in. They were only like 20 bucks. Which is less than most co-pays.
BUT... I hear tanner clinic is getting more in on November 6. Good Luck:)

Ryan and Amber said...

Your going to hate it but get a possee together and wait at your public health building. They get shipments every week or so but call first!